Integrated Planning and Management has worked with some of the most forward thinking and proactive clients in Water and Natural Resources Planning in California 

Clients as Prime or Subcontractor include:

  • Central Valley Salinity Coalition (non-profit) 
  • San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District
  • County of Riverside
  • South Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council
  • Green Valley Initiative (non-profit)
  • San Joaquin Valley Drainage Authority
  • University of California Davis
  • Rancho California Water District
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • Central Valley Water Quality Control Board
  • County of Orange - Watersheds
  • California State University, Fresno
  • Municipal Water District of Orange County
  • Mission Springs Water District
  • Norco Egg Ranch
  • Confidential Client Food Processing

IPM has performed a large number of project for these clients as shown below:

Southern California Integrated Watershed Program

Funded by Proposition 13, this program used integrated watershed planning to understand the fundamentals of what programs and projects would be needed for the Santa Ana Watershed region and placed incentive grant funding to ensure they were constructed.  The aggregated projects and programs matched the $250 million in State grant funding with over $500 million of local ratepayer funds. These completed projects generate almost 300,000 acre feet of new water each year from the watershed, improve the habitat of the Santa Ana River, and improve water quality, storm water capture, recycling, and brackish groundwater desalting. This work was performed at SAWPA.

Santa Ana River Interceptor Business Plan

The Santa Ana River Interceptor or SARI is a brine line that serves the majority of the Santa Ana Watershed and beyond.  It has a capacity of over 30 MGD and facilitates inland brackish groundwater desalting and maintains downstream water quality.  This first business plan provides for 20 year stable rate structure, $80 million Capital Improvement Plan and comprehensive management plan for the future. This work was performed at SAWPA.


Mission Springs Water District

MSWD in cooperation with Coachella Valley Water District and Desert Water Agency is working on a comprehensive Water Management Plan that will guide the region in planning and maintaining adequate high quality water supplies for all uses in the region.  By adding IRWM planning for disadvantaged communities in the region to the planning IPM Inc. is helping the group move IRWM Planning efforts forward in the Coachella Valley of the Colorado River Region.  IPM Inc. is assisting with scoping, stakeholder involvement and other planning efforts needed to achieve the benefits of IRWM.


County of Orange/Municipal Water District of Orange County

MWDOC Orange Counties largest coverage agency, has engaged its partner water and sanitation agencies, the County of Orange and other stakeholders in facilitated meetings to improve regional cooperation. These meetings are intended to leverage Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning to produce additional coordination and value for the participants.

IPM Inc. coordinates, facilitates, presents and documents concepts for this countywide Integrated Planning Improvement group.  The contract effort is to facilitate meetings to organize Orange County to produce the next generation of IRWM plans in preparation for funding and implementation.  The group is currently working to identify and advance optimal regional organization and governance strategies to help Orange County most effectively fulfill its goals and priorities. 

Contract Management and negotiation for IRWM implementation agreements.


Norco Ranch Inc.

Assisting one Southern California's largest egg producers manage wastewater to attain compliance, protect the environment and reduce treatment costs while producing the highest quality products.


Various Land Development Interests

Assisting project proponents communicate the benefits of a trail focused open space dominated development in entitlement process.


Green Valley Initiative and Sustainability focused Non-Profit/Foundation

IPM assisted the startup of a non-profit corporation focused on sustainable economic development and environmental improvement. 

GIVE sponsors the Green Valley Initiative (GVI) focused on helping the region become a center of green technology and environmental science and services through Economic Development. 


UC Davis Contract for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

Development of strategies to assist the region plan for solutions for salinity.  Working closely with the State Board and Region 5 Board, staff and stakeholders to develop economically, environmentally, and socially acceptable concepts, plans and regulatory programs to successfully manage salinity.  Strategy planning, outreach, materials and workshops help spread information and understanding in the region and across the state.


Upper Santa Margarita Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management Planning and Governance

Developing governance documents and assisting the development of a rapid IRWM plan to allow participation in funding in for critical programs and projects in Riverside County.

The Regional Water Management Committee composed of Rancho California Water District, Riverside County, Riverside County Flood, took leadership to represent the area in regional planning.


Anza Community Groundwater Management Planning Capacity Building in DAC Community

IPM assisted the community of Anza in developing a information and developing a publicly acceptable strategy to move toward comprehensive groundwater management Planning for the Area.